Poison Ivy

The day was nearing but in order to see everything by yourself you will have only one option to follow Poison Ivy to the region of swamps… since only there will she find her natural-loving mate in the face of the Swamp Thing! The book features the unique (very unique!) appearance of John Constantine and a lot of action that could be found in only comics that parody hentai these days!

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Powergirl XXX Lobo part 1

May be Lobo and Superman had their issues in the past but when this space hunter happens to meet gorgeous Powergil he picks the completely other line of behaviour… but the main goal is pretty much the same – he is going to fuck another one superhero from planet Earth only this time he wants to fuck her quite literally! Will he succeed? Probably you already know the answer…

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Green Fever

Exploring human nature has brought Martian Manhunter a lot of inetresting facts but the most fun of them is that people just love to fuck each other! And ofcurse all these sexy superheroines from the Justice League are not an exception! The only problem is that during his investigations Martian Manhunter has gone a little bit further then he should have and now he is going to answer for it…

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House Of XXX – Cables Girls (X-Men) [Tracy Scops] – 2

“House ofX”? Forget about it since today Cable will be the star of “House of XXX”! Three X’s mean that it’s an thrilling hentai parody. Our seem to be an older tough guy that is about to be flinging with not only one but five (!) x-women at once! Ofcourse there are some mutant abilities should be involved however, this is still awe-inspiring do you think?

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Psycho Nymphos (X-Men , Spider-Man) [Tracy Scops] – 2

New part of an incredible visual and exciting art from Tracy Scops will bring you back into the world of the most sexually attractive superheores in the world of Marvel Comics! And where in this world you can find a lot of hot girls who sport tight latex costumes and have amazing skills? It’s only in the team of Xmen! We truly hope you’re into redheads!

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Ayanami Rei 00

The beginning of the many of the slutty adventures of curvy student Ayanami Rei will begin with a nerdy looking teacher whose regular masturbation sessions in the bathroom got significantly better after Rei’s appearance in this college. Of course, they’ll have a lot of exciting private meetings at various times and locations, and more in the following chapters!

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The two main focuses of the story are that Korra was captured and she is guarded by a whole bunch of sexy idiots. Add these two incidents to the fact that this comics is actually a parody of hentai comics and you can already imagine what’s going to happen the next. This is right that tonight Korra is going to be gang-bombed in some raunchy and brutal methods… and she’ll really like it!

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online porn game

Ben and Gwen have a secluded life in the wake of Charmcaster is defeated. But the white-haired witch in prison must pay for her crimes. However strong and powerful she may be, there is bound to be plenty of embarrassmentand domination for lesbians. The question of who will rule whom remains to be determined.

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Nami-san VS Kyokon Shiru

Nami is famous for her big and massive tits. However there are only a handful of comics that pay full tribute to the redhead pirate girl. This comic will show Nami having a fling so intense that her tits are moving like crazy every page. Huge tits and hardcore fucking – the treasure of hentai parody can be foundright here!

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Busty blonde named Nami enjoys sex. Her partner licks the girl’s tits and twists the pink nipples. And then he fucks the blonde in her tight cunt. She loves getting her tight asshole fucked and facialized. After that, the girl lay down on the sofa and spread her legs wide. The guy inserted his penis into the girl’s pussy and began to fuck her. Gradually, he picked up the pace and soon finished right in the girl’s pussy.

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