Diplomatic Visit

The Naruto girls began to haggle. The chief and the girl who had arrived earlier were taken together. He led her into the woods and began massaging her large breasts. When she was ready give him her pussy and he sucked her up into his tight pussy. He promised that he would give her the chance to lead and lead, if he felt she was a good girl, who did not resist him. She could have ended up being an awful victim if she tried to sabotage him with a clever plan. He gave her some time to reflect however, after just 16 minutes, she was ready for sexual sex. He asked her to become his girlfriend and she began catering to his needs.

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[Luxuriass] Hex Trainer Mini Comic (Pokémon)

Hex Maniac is always connected to the most bizarre events in the Pokemon Universe, but this scenario is quite thrilling for her as she comes across the unknown ghostly pokemon that will completely change her battle style! It all starts with Hex’s large and round bodycurves growing larger and rounder.

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Become The Pirate Kings Wife! (One Piece) [English]

It is always good to have someone who will massage your back during your bathing time… and when you're lucky as Luffy this "someone" will be non other than stunning Boa Hancock! Of course, Luffy could not consider himself a proper pirate if he allowed this chance pass him by and go away without making moves on this gorgeoussexy brunette! Yet will it work or notyou will find out when you take a look at this comic parody yourself.

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[Frank Strom] Harley X Ivy (Batman) [Colored]

Who really needs Joker? Who really needs Batman? Two sexy, lesbian girls have the ability to make tentacled plants. The other has a few nifty suggestions and is always there to assist. We are talking about Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy who are the most well-known lesbian couple from Gotham City. They are the way they spend their spare time!

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At Ayanamis Place

Shinji Ikari won’t create Ayanami Rei if he’s too shy. What about Asuka Langley? You can be certain that Asuka Langley will not just be watching, but she will be making the moves of her own! So, our story moves from a shy boy to a couple of incredibly sexually slutty bits – welcome to the world of hentai parody comicses! In full color this time!

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Worth A Stretch (Wonder Woman/Plastic Man)

It might be more enjoyable to try different outfits with Wonder Woman than you think you would, when… you’re Plastic Maaaaan, the super-powered superhero who has earned her powers. Although he wasn’t invited to Diana’s dressing rooms He saw an chance and seized it in an extreme and impressive manner. That’s exactly how that he used Diana inside the dressing room.

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[Ring Memo (Oretto)] Neko Panic | KITTY PANIC! (Naruto) [English]

Another interesting story with the sexy Hinata and depraved Naruto. They started to arrange arrangements at home this morning, and for some reason they did. They make out or hug one another. A complicated story occurs between them. But, Naruto still manages to charm Hinata into having sex. Perhaps he believes in this way he will earn forgiveness. It's not up to us to make a decision. Our goal is to start browsing this comic right now.

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Gwen get the right kind of cock (Ben 10 parody)

Gwen Tennyson, a good girl, is always on the move and often goes to a roadside stall for a bathroom. But today will be different. Today, allof her concerns will be set aside at the very same time as she'll be confronted with a massive black cock that she will be being offered to care for by the glory hole! So forget all that we wrote about Gwen being a nice girl in the past…

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Ben Ten Ultimate Alien: Family Bonding

A brunette and a redhead eternal rivalry rises to the level of hot cartoon girls and becomes the battleground of Hentai parody! The comic will showcase Gwen against Sunny. It's going to be one of the most thrilling events they've had because of brutal lesbian playtime and dominance elements.

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Kaizoku Joou

Fighting off a massive dinosuar-like creature will bring an enormous amount of adrenaline however, who would know that it’s meat could aslo work as one very powerful Aphrodisiac for women!? Some of the characters in “One Piece”are likely to gain this crucial knowledge through a lot of practice (yet we’re not ruling out the possibility that all are juts a bunch of horny fuckers).

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